Fire shutters or fire doors are special doors that can be used to guard against the spread of fires from one room to another. These doors are fitted with heavy-duty locks which are opened only with special keys.

Types of Fire Shutters

There are four types of fire shutters: roll-down, accordion, impact, and smoke.

Roll-down fire shutters are the most common type of fire shutter. They are made of interlocking metal panels that roll down from a track mounted above the opening. When fully closed, the panels create a barrier that prevents smoke and flames from entering the building.

Accordion fire shutters are similar to roll-down shutters, but they fold up like an accordion instead of rolling down. They are also made of interlocking metal panels, and they create a barrier that prevents smoke and flames from entering the building when fully closed.

Impact fire shutters are made of glass or polycarbonate panels that are mounted in a frame. The frame is attached to the wall with brackets, and the shutter closes automatically when triggered by a heat or smoke detector. Impact fire shutters provide a clear view when open, making them ideal for use in storefronts and other commercial applications.

Smoke fire shutters are designed to seal off openings from smoke rather than flames. They are typically made of fabric or vinyl panels that close automatically when triggered by a smoke detector.

What are the Benefits of Fire Shutters?

There are many benefits to using fire shutters in your home or business. Fire shutters can provide an extra layer of protection against the spread of fire and smoke. They can also help to keep the heat and flames from reaching sensitive areas such as exit routes and stairwells. Additionally, fire shutters can help to reduce the amount of water damage that occurs during a fire by keeping the flames and smoke from entering the building through windows and doors.

How Do You Install a Fire Shutter?

There are many different types of fire shutters, but the installation process is generally the same. First, you will need to determine where the shutter will be installed. It is important to choose a location that is out of the way and will not impede traffic flow. Once you have chosen a location, you will need to measure the opening and cut the necessary lumber to size. 

Next, you will need to install the frame around the opening. This can be done by nailing or screwing the lumber into place. Once the frame is in place, you can install the shutter itself. Most fire shutters come with pre-drilled holes that make installation easy. Simply line up the holes and secure the shutter in place with screws or bolts.

It is important to test your new fire shutter before an emergency arises. Open and close the shutter a few times to make sure it moves smoothly and latches properly.


There are a few different types of fire shutters, but the most common ones are roller shutters and folding shutters. Roller shutters are made of a series of interconnected slats that roll up to open while folding shutters fold up accordion-style. Both types of fire shutters can be activated manually or automatically and can be fitted with smoke detectors for even more protection. No matter which type you choose, fire shutters are an important part of any building’s fire safety plan.

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