Western Railways has taken up a major project of revamping the Somnath Railway station. The aim is to improve passenger amenities and provide a better traveling experience.

Who are Western Railways?

Western Railways is one of the Indian Railways zones. It includes parts of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Rajasthan. The main headquarters of Western Railways is located in Mumbai.

In 2018, Western Railways embarked on a project to revamp Somnath Railway Station. The project included upgrading the facilities and infrastructure at the station.

Some of the upgrades that were made to the Somnath Railway Station include: 

  • A new foot overbridge with escalators and lifts 
  • A new entry/exit gate 
  • A new waiting room 
  • New CCTVs and LED lights 
  • A new public address system 
  • New water coolers and water vending machines 
  • A new ticket booking office 
  • A new inquiry office 
  • New benches and dustbins

Why Somnath Railway Station?

The Somnath railway station is set to get a makeover, with the Western Railways planning to redevelop the site. The move comes as part of the WR’s plans to upgrade and modernize all of its stations.

Somnath is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Gujarat, and its railway station is a key transport hub for visitors coming to the town. The current facility is outdated and does not meet the needs of today’s travelers.

The redevelopment project will see the construction of a new building with updated amenities and facilities. This will include a new waiting area, ticket office, and food court. The project is expected to cost around Rs 100 crore and will take two years to complete.

Once finished, the Somnath railway station will be a more comfortable and convenient place for travelers passing through. It will also be better equipped to handle the increasing number of tourists coming to Somnath each year.

What the final product will look like

The Somnath Railway Station is set to undergo a major revamp, with Western Railways planning to give it a complete makeover. The station will be transformed into a modern, state-of-the-art facility that will offer a world-class experience to passengers.

The plans for the revamp include upgraded passenger amenities, better connectivity to the surrounding areas, and improved accessibility for all. The railway station will also be made more energy efficient and eco-friendly.

Once completed, the Somnath Railway Station will be a model facility that other stations in the country can emulate. It will not only improve the travel experience of passengers but also boost the economy of the region.


The Western Railway’s plans to revamp the Somnath Railway Station are a welcome move. The railway station is an important link between Mumbai and other parts of India and it is good to see that the authorities are taking steps to improve its infrastructure. With the planned renovations, the Somnath Railway Station will be able to cater to the needs of the increasing number of passengers using the facility. This will not only benefit commuters but also help boost tourism in the area.

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